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By entering, navigating through and registering on this site www.riopharm.com, you provide full and unconditional concent for all Terms and Conditions of use including our policies on personal data management, detailed below. Please read carefully and do not proceed to navigation, registration or purchase, if you do not accept any of the following Terms of Use. "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company" reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use of its e-shop at any time without any prior notice to the Customer. The Customer / User / Visitor of the site www.riopharm.com is responsible to periodically check the website for any changes that may have been made to the Terms of Use and the overall content of the website.

The online shop (e-shop) of the website "www.riopharm.com" belongs to the private limited company "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company" (the company). The use of the website "www.riopharm.com" offers the Customer the following services subjected to these Terms of Use, for a pleasant and safe online shopping experience. The use of services offered by www.riopharm.com, including the registration of the Customer’s personal details in the website "www.riopharm.com", implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use and in particular the collection, storage and processing of personal data as explicitely described below. The Customer assumes full responsibility for accessing, registering and using the website www.riopharm.com as well as disclosing personal information. 

As Customer of the shop is considered whoever registers by accessing the website www.riopharm.com and inserting personal information in the appropriate fields of the website or anyone who proceeds to a purchase as "Guest", without registering to the site.

The pricing policy of the e-shop is defined solely by "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Single Member Private Company". The company reserves the right to adjust pricing without prior notice to the Customer. The company’s mission is to produce and distribute high quality natural cosmetics with curative and invigorating action, using natural raw materials and absolutely no preservatives. In terms of repayment, distribution and delivery of products, the Customer can place an order in the Shopping cart of the e-shop, either as a “registered user” or  as a "guest" (no registration is required for the purchase). A customer who chooses to register on the website "www.riopharm.com" will receive a unique combination consisting of a Username and  a Password. The customer is responsible for maintaining both Username and Password secret and confidential. During their visit to the e-shop, both registered users as well as guests will be entitled to:

  • Continuous access to the contents of the "Shopping Cart", which displays the products selected by the Customer. In the "Shopping Cart" the Customer can review the order and make modifications of the content (add / remove quantities of products as well as add / delete products).
  • Preview the order placed in the e-shop website "www.riopharm.com" and choose either to "Complete Order" or "Continue Shopping".
  • Select alternative payment methods, if available to their geographic location.
  • Modify, using their unique Username and the Password, their personal data provided during registration (applies to registered users) and maintained in the website "www.riopharm.com".

It must be clarified that there is no option of making a payment by installments. For the completion of an order, only full payments in advance are accepted. The total price of the order will include not only of the price of the ordered products, but also all additional charges stemming from the shipping costs, the payment methods chosen by the Customer during completion of the order, insurance and taxes. Such additional charges will be explicitly defined and clearly stated during completion of the order in the e-shop of "www.riopharm.com" website.



RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company provides only quality products created in its laboratories by specialized scientists with years of experience and scientific training and in adherence with existing national and European legislation. The company guarantees adherence to all safety and quality standards of its laboratories and products. The company places significant effort to always provide accurate information with regard to the description and characteristics of the products that appear in the e-shop. However, product photos and descriptions presented in www.riopharm.com are indicative and may differ from the actual shipped products. The use of all products based on the information provided in the e-shop, is the consumer’s sole responsibility and liability. In case of any health issue arising from the use of the products, the company bears no responsibility and liability, and the consumer is solely responsible to immediately discontinue product use and consult a specialized physician for assistance. The company also assumes no liability for any shortcomings (backordering) of products sold and constantly places every effort to check and ensure their availability. To this end, in case a product is not available for purchase, a note with the indication "Temporarily Not Available" will be posted on the e-shop. If the Customer expresses interest in a product that is temporarily unavailable, an update of future availability will be offered as soon as possible.

Following submission of the completed ordering form and payment by the Customer, the company will send to the Customer an electronic summary of the order, which includes all the information of the online trade agreement (products ordered, shipping address, shipping method, total price, type of invoice requested) and additional instructions, if needed. In addition, the company is bound to provide the requested products in a reasonable amount of time and in perfect condition, along with requested invoice).

The right to cancel a distant and off-premises online sales transaction does not apply when it comes to the supply of sealed goods which are not appropriate for return to the seller due to health considerations. Therefore, no returns or refunds are accepted. However, in extreme circumstances and prior to opening, if the product is found defective the Customer may request return and/or replacement, with the condition that the Customer immediately informs the company by direct email (E-mail) to the address: info@riopharm.com "or submission of information via the www.riopharm.com website relevant contact form. Returns require the explicit consent of the company.

The company is not responsible for lost or delayed orders due to the mistaken information provided by the Customer during the time of order submission. 



The customer of the e-shop "www.riopharm.com", is liable for and shall:

  • Not use the network of e-shop website "www.riopharm.com" in illegal operations, which may result in prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against the website "www.riopharm.com” and " RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company”
  • Not use the network of e-shop website "www.riopharm.com" in illegal operations, including but not limited, to operations prosecuted by the Criminal Code, Special Penal Laws, the Telecommunications Law, the Law on the protection of Personal Data as well as the relevant provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission of authority Privacy Policy and any other Public or Administrative authority and Service.
  • Not infringe any form of third party Copyrights and intellectual property.
  • Comply strictly with the applicable rules and terms of use of the eshop "www.riopharm.com", as well as the applicable privacy laws and regulations.
  • Provide complete and accurate registration information which must be entered during the registration and/or ordering process and provide periodical updates as appropriate.
  • Update his/her Registration Data to respond to the current real personal information. In case of mistakes or inaccuracy in the Customer registration information, the company reserves the right to immediately disable Customer's account.
  • Keep secret and not disclose to third parties the Username and Password combination provided to the customer by the site riopharm.com during registration. In case of loss or theft of the Username or Password, the Customer is responsible to immediately inform the company, through the relevant contact form of "www.riopharm.com" website for any unauthorized use this information.
  • Confirm that connection to riopharm.com is properly terminated ( "logout") upon completion of his/her visit to the site.
  • Provide correct and current information required for payment and Delivery of a submitted order via the e-shop of the website "www.riopharm.com".
  • Be fully responsible for obtaining Customs clearance and paying all associated Customs fees associated with an order shipped outside the European Union (EU). Customers from countries outside the EU must check with their local Customs authorities before placing an order through the e-shop of the website www.riopharm.com. RioPharm Pharmaceuticals is by no means responsible for Customs clearance and Customs fees associated with a shipment of goods outside the EU.



By placing an online order as guest, or voluntarily registering their personal information on our site using the function key "Login/Register", or using any of our online services including the "Contact Us" service of the site, customers authorize RioPharma Pharmaceuticals and its e-shop to collect, store and process the requested personal data for the needs of these services. Clients are entitled to request at any time that their personal information is removed from the databases. RioPharma Pharmaceuticals does not store or process bank information, such as credit cards and bank account details, since all online financial transactions take place through third party providers (paypal).   

The collection of personal data by www.riopharm.com is mandatory in order to process the order of the Customer and complete the transaction including but not limited to payment, shipment of order, and other special services, such as order history, address list, tracking information etc. Customers may opt to receive information about promotions and new products of "www.riopharm.com" website through the company’s electronic Newsletter. The Newsletter will be sent to the email address ( "E-mail") provided by the Customer, with the possibility of cancelling this service by clicking the link "Unsubscribe" at the end of the electronic Newsletter.  

The e-shop at "www.riopharm.com" allows the collection of personal data of the Customer when:

  • Placing an order in the online store, as Guest.
  • Registering by submitting the electronic registration form of the e-shop

A prerequisite for registering or making online purchases through the e-shop is the disclosure by the Customer of some personal data. When a Customer registers on the website to request a Username and Password, or proceeding to order as Guest, he/she will be asked to enter the full name, the address to which purchased products should be shipped (Zip Code, City-Region, Country), the phone numbers and the Electronic Address ( "E-mail"). If a payment is made through debit or credit card, the Customer must enter the secure site of online payment to complete the transaction. If an invoice is requested during the online purchase, then additional data may be submitted, including Business Name and address, if different from the shipping address, Tax Identification Number (TIN), and the Internal Revenue Service Office to which the Business belongs. These data are required solely for the requested service by the Customer.

The website "www.riopharm.com" comply fully with the principles of protection of personal data egislation and will not make any unauthorized and without the prior consent of the Customer, use of any personal data provided by the Customer. The company will not disclose, publish, sell or exchange any submitted personal data and information entrusted to the site www.riopharm.com, considering them private and confidential. Also, the Customer may at any time amend the personal data submitted to www.riopharm.com or to restrict or cancel their use by a simple modification/cancelation request submitted to the website.

The website "www.riopharm.com" will not distribute or share the electronic address ( "E-mail") the Customer or other personal data for advertising or promotional purposes, without their prior consent. A Customer may request the immediate removal of all his/her personal data from the "www.riopharm.com" database at any anytime by sending an email at info@riopharm.com.



The website content at "www.riopharm.com" eg texts, images, photographs, trademarks, patents, names, programs, information material of all kinds, data, software, unless otherwise stated for specific rights of third parties, are the intellectual and industrial property of www.riopharm.com website, and by extension of "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company ". Copying, reproduction or retransmission of any material of the website www.riopharm.com without the expressed prior written consent of the company "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company", as legally represented, is strictly prohibited. The content of the website www.riopharm.com is protected by local and international legislation on copyright protection. Violators will be prosecuted at a court of law. The intellectual property rights of the website www.riopharm.com are obtained without any further formality and without the need for a contract or prohibition against the attacks. Also expressly prohibited is any copying, modification analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, rental, storage, printing, create derivative works, or misleading the public about the actual operator of the site content " www.riopharm.com ".



The company "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company" proceeds to regular updates of its website "www.riopharm.com" for the availability of the products made available in the e-shop. The Customer may place an order even for backordered products. In that case a company's representative will contact the Customer (via e-mail, and/or telephone) within a reasonable time, to inform him/her regarding the expected delivery time of the backordered product. In that case, the Customer reserves the right, if he/she considered that delivery will be significantly delayed, to request cancellation of the order. Furthermore, in case one of the ordered products is not available, the website "www.riopharm.com" enables the Customer to choose whether all requested products will be mailed out together when all become available, or the order is split according to product availability.



If for reasons of force majeure, including but not limited to indicate any extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, fire, malfunctions of partner companies etc, the contracted courier is unable to deliver the shipment within a reasonable time, RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company will proceed immediately to notify the Customer via e-mail, and/or telephone for this delay, explaining the reason of force majeure. In such case of force majeure, the company is exempted from any further responsibility.



The website "www.riopharm.com" uses cookies to access certain information each time you navigate though a web browser to our e-shop. By accessing our website www.riopharm.com the customer explicitely accepts unconditionally the use of cookies by "RioPharm Pharmaceuticals Private Company". Without the use of cookies it would be impossible to provide essential services such as order status, personal settings, storing items in the basket. The cookies are small strings "file" transferred to the hard disk of your computer through the internet so as to offer services, such as those mentioned above. On your browser settings you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or asks you each time a new cookie is to be installed on your hard disk. Nevertheless you should be aware that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk will not be able to use some of our services. We protect your data from unauthorized use or access.